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Please join our efforts in Southwest VA to positively combat the substance abuse epidemic that has so negatively impacted our region. A united voice can make a difference. Prevention has significantly reduced the “litter” and “smoking” problem in our county and together we can definitely change the drug culture area as well! Are you or someone you know looking for help with substance abuse? Do you need resources relevant to the prevention, treatment and recovery from substance abuse? Or would you like more information on how you can become involved as a community member to prevent substance abuse? Go to to become involved.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Prescription Drug Epidemic Documentary Release Feb 2012

Documentary Trailer

Prescription Drug Epidemic is a documentary on a rural communities experience with the enormous surge in prescription drug deaths in Southwest Virginia.  ASAC: Appalachian Substance Abuse Coalition for Prevention
Treatment & Recovery  serving the  Virginia counties of Buchanan, Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Tazewell,  Wise and Washing ton and the cities of Bristol and Norton ,was developed in 2001 as a region's response to this crisis.
Hundreds of deaths have led to economic decline, higher than state average crime rates and the destruction of Southwest Virginia’s stronghold...the family.  Understand the problems associated with prescription drug use and watch the pioneering strategies this coalition and its related communities implement. Drug deaths begin to decline as the coalition embraces their slogan, “Substance Abuse Prevention...Its Our Community ...Its Our Responsibility.”
Run Time: 42minutes

 ASAC: Appalachian Substance Abuse Coalition for Prevention Treatment and Recovery would like to invite you to take part in a regional prevention campaign, ”Substance Abuse Prevention…Our Community Our Responsibility”. Our goal is to decrease the number of individuals using prescription drugs in our region.   We are providing you with the free locally filmed documentary, The Prescription Drug Epidemic; A Coalitions Journey, to help you in your efforts to understand the prescription drug problem and discover ways you can make a difference in the areas of prevention, treatment or recovery. The documentary is also available to anyone who requests,while supplies last by emailing

With the documentary you will receive a booklet outlining talking points that can be used with the following target populations:

1.    Physicians
2.    Employers
        3.    Youth & Parents
4.    College Students and
5.    Faith-Based Organizations   

  So many lives have been affected and many more are searching for ways to become involved to turn this problem around. We are asking for your help to not only promote community involvement but incorporate the viewing of this film throughout the region through  community coalition activities, recovery programs, educational activities, drug free work place programs, and public viewings such as lobby’s, health fairs and school events. The DVD includes the entire 42 minute documentary and a 8 minute trailer as well for smaller events.

We are also offering the DVD free to all our web friends across the country to support your community coalition efforts as well. 
Together we ARE making a difference!

Requests for a FREE DVD of the documentary can be made to Lori Gates-Addison,