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Please join our efforts in Southwest VA to positively combat the substance abuse epidemic that has so negatively impacted our region. A united voice can make a difference. Prevention has significantly reduced the “litter” and “smoking” problem in our county and together we can definitely change the drug culture area as well! Are you or someone you know looking for help with substance abuse? Do you need resources relevant to the prevention, treatment and recovery from substance abuse? Or would you like more information on how you can become involved as a community member to prevent substance abuse? Go to to become involved.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Are Families Affected by Substance Abuse?

I'm Sorry....
But I can't say that I am sorry.
I'm frightened but I'll never admit it.
I want you to like me,
But I do stupid things to make you made at me.
...I forget my homework when I do it...
and sometimes I cheat even when I know the answers!
Don"t you know that when I'm bad I'm in the most pain?
Please don"t give up on me...
everyone else already has.

-Anonymous Child of an Alcoholic

In Southwest Virginia the prescription drug epidemic has certainly taken it's toll. Death rates from prescription drugs overdoses have been well over 200 in the SW region.Drug related crime at times has been twice the state average. The rates of child abuse and children being placed in foster care continue to remain twice that of the state average. We continue to see increased mental health and behavior problems in children as early as Kindergarten. Since 1997 when a significant rise in drug use began to be noted, there has been a direct correlation in the number of children each year suffering from a multitude of difficulties.Culturally the historical family stronghold of SW Virginia greatly suffered.

A majority of children and youth in the region identified with family substance abuse are often living with grandparents or other family members due to their parents incarceration or even death as a result of prescription drug abuse. The stress of raising grandchildren and dealing with the consequences of an adult addicted child is heart breaking to say the least stressful.

Community members have begum to take a stand over the last three years in the area of substance abuse prevention, treatment and recovery to begin to address the many needs of families and our children in Southwest Virginia.

Join the "ASAC Coalition"(Appalachian Substance Abuse Coalition) as we begin to share, discuss and tackle the needs of our community. Understand  through our successes in the areas of prevention,treatment and recovery and share that journey through our blog forum.

For  comprehensive resources go to our web site at or become a fan on Facebook.

You have not beat me, I am not done,
I am not finished, you have not won.
This is a battle, a fight, a war,
I will not surrender to you anymore.
My life is now mine, not yours to control,
...With you I am in pieces, without I am whole.
I used to fear that you were here to stay,
but fears are fleeting so now I can bravely say...
You are not magic, you are not the key,
to fixing my pain and setting me free.
You are no longer a need, nor a desire,
You are not a cure, you are just a liar!
You are an addiction, a disease I will beat,
A soon to be stranger I will never again meet.
No longer will bills, and cash for my meals,
be wasted away on these little pills.
This is the point I am trying to make,
My life is no longer yours to take.
My future now holds beauty that is real,
and none of it will involve you, the PILL!
-Matthew Comptom, Recovering!

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