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Please join our efforts in Southwest VA to positively combat the substance abuse epidemic that has so negatively impacted our region. A united voice can make a difference. Prevention has significantly reduced the “litter” and “smoking” problem in our county and together we can definitely change the drug culture area as well! Are you or someone you know looking for help with substance abuse? Do you need resources relevant to the prevention, treatment and recovery from substance abuse? Or would you like more information on how you can become involved as a community member to prevent substance abuse? Go to to become involved.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Easy Strategy to Help Prevent Underage Drinking

Mountain Youth Drama, a prevention theatre group in Southwest VA is taking a stand against drinking and driving! Sign a drug - free contract and earn a chance to win 50 dollars.

Motivating kids to get involved in community projects can often be challenging! Simplification and easy tasks to involve hands on activities makes for smooth sailing. Friday night high school football in America is a season that embodies the real joy of small town living. Our community wanted to forgo the usual homecoming parade this fall and try an approach that included more involvement from the community. Culturally, you have a captivated community ready to enjoy some time with each other. Unfortunately, when a community is at a loss in providing alternative activities for youth during this season, "a six pack and a back road" becomes the activity of choice.

Students decided to hold a block party to attract folks to the high school campus prior to their traditional bon fire the Thursday night before the homecoming game. Local bands, community organizations, churches & groups and of course high school clubs all had the chance to operate booths to fund raise and add to the spirit of homecoming. The school also hosted inflatable games, wagon rides, a dunking booth and games such as the ever popular "corn hole".

Mountain Youth Drama, developed a simple strategy to add to the event as well as provide a forum to encourage kids to be drug free.! Enjoy their video and use their idea in your own community. Together....We Can Make A Difference!


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